Nordic Working Group for Environmental Issues in Aviation (N-ALM)

Keep yourself updated with the work of N-ALM: date and place, agenda, presentations and preperation materials. In addition, the work programme, terms of reference and list of participants in the group's work will be accessible here.

Next meeting is scheduled to be the 29 – 31th. of May 2017.
The meeting will take place in Reykjavik.

N-ALM’s meetings are held by rotation in the Nordic countries and as required they are scheduled two times a year. In addition to these meeting will be held one time per year a special 'Noise Sub Group meeting' focusing on more technical issues including noise calculations and the like.

Denmark has held the presidency of N-ALM in 2014-2016. Sweden is now the chair of N-ALM.

N-ALM was set up by Nordic aviation directors (NOLU) and it had its first meeting in May 1991. The group is owned by NOLU and reports to it.

N-ALM is working fore the Nordic aviation authorities’ position on environmental issues in international forums within ICAO, ECAC and the EU with reference to strengthening the Nordic views and impact in the work. N-ALM seeks to create the best possible conditions for a well-functioning aviation sector and in order to achieve it, N-ALM acts as mutual information channel and promotes knowledge on environmental issues between the aviation and environment authorities in the Nordic countries.

N-ALM’s members are from the Nordic CAA’s and are appointed by each Nordic CAA respectively.
Participation is open for Nordic ministries, environmental authorities, aviation service providers including airline.
You will find the lists of contact persons and representatives in the box 'More information'.

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