Export Statement

Instead of an 'Export Certificate of Airworthiness' the Danish Transport Authority can issue an 'Export Statement'.

While not valid for the purpose of flight, the Export Statement provides confirmation from the Danish Transport and Construction Agency of a recent satisfactory review of the airworthiness status of the aircraft. The Export Statement will confirm the date when the last Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) was issued, the ARC expire date and the name and the approval number of the issuing organisation or person. It will state that the Danish Transport and Construction Agency finds the aircraft airworthy acc. to the issued valid Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) and valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

Note: Some countries do not accept an Airworthiness Review Certificate older than 60 days. For transfer of aircraft registration within the EU see:
Part M, M.A.903 and AMC M.A.903

For import of Aircraft onto a Member State register from a third country see:
Part M, M.A.904 and AMC M.A.904

For Export of Aircraft out of EU the Import country legislation will apply.
For Export of Aircraft to the United states, see information regarding EASA Form 27.

Apply for an Export Statement
The application should contain the following:

  1. Contact information for the exporter and for the foreign purchaser, as well as country of destination.
  2. Copy of Aircraft current C of A, ARC & Noise certificate
  3. The application for an Export statement of an aircraft must be signed by the Aircraft owner/on behalf of the aircraft owner.
Send the application to:

Danish Transport and Construction Agency
Department for Continuing Airworthiness (DA: Luftdygtighed)
Edvard Thomsens Vej 14 
2300 København S

How is the Export Statement issued:
The Export Statement will be issued by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency's department for Continuing Airworthiness and it will be distributed by the office for Aircraft Registration, after the owner has initiated the aircraft deregistration process.

When removing an aircraft from Danish register
Considerations when removing an aircraft from Danish register:

  • Name plate (fireproof plate) shall be removed.
  • Danish registrations marks shall be removed.

And if applicable:

  • Danish Mode S code has been negated
  • The Danish ELT code has been negated
  • The Eurocontrol approval of RVSM on the Danish registration has been negated
  • If the Aircraft is on a Danish AOC it must be removed from the AOC prior to deregistration.

A recommendation from us to you: Include an 'Aircraft compliance Statement'
The Danish Transport and Construction Agency recommends that aircraft owners and organisations managing the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft include a signed and dated “Aircraft compliance Statement” with the Export Statement.

The compliance statement should contain the following basic information regarding the aircraft such as:

  • Type of Aircraft
  • Make and model.
  • Identification number.
  • Serial number.
  • Total operating time and cycles at the time of application.
  • That the aircraft is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's current recommendations (except as allowed by Danish Regulations for Civil Aviation). Any exemptions to the above and/or any DCAA approved exemptions/approvals shall be listed in the compliance statement and accepted by the importing country prior to import.
  • That all Airworthiness Directives applicable and effective up to that date have been complied with. Note: Any exemptions to the above or If any DCAA approved AMOC is performed in regards to an AD, these must be listed and accepted by the importing country prior to import.
  • That all applicable special requirements of the importing country been complied with.
  • Any other information with regard to either the applicable CAA regulations or special requirements of the importing country (e.g. exceptions to the approved data or special requirements).
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