Safety contribution 2015

The Danish Transport Authority has issued BL 9-10 A, 1 edition, regulating the safety contribution for 2015. It appears from new BL that the contribution is unchanged from 2014, i.e. 6.25 DKr. per passenger.

The safety contribution charge was introduced on 1 July 2013 and implies that all airlines shall pay a contribution for each passenger transported by the airline when departing from a Danish airport. The contribution replaces previous arrangements with annual charges and annual fees and is the payment for the surveillance of civil aviation carried out by the Danish Transport Authority.

Every year the safety contribution charge is regulated by 2 per cent and added the so-called adjustment rate for the current fiscal year as well as subtracted the passenger growth rate between the two 12 months periods, which began 36 and 24 months, respectively, before the fiscal year in question. This amount is then rounded to the nearest 0.25 DKr.

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Sidst opdateret: 26.09.2014