The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority is an authority under the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing, with approximately 480 employees.

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority is organized with an Executive Management Board, Executive Management Secretariat, four sectoral centres, the Danish Road Safety Agency and Bornholm Airport.

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Carsten Falk Hansen

Executive Management Board

The role of the executive management board is to determine the overall strategy and to establish and manage relationships and integrated policies within the Agency.

The Executive Management Board members:

  • Carsten Falk Hansen, Director
  • Lise Aaen Kobberholm, Executive manager
  • Kåre Clemmesen, Executive manager
  • Lars Colding Laustrup, Executive manager
  • Stefan Søsted, Agency director

Management Secretariat
The Management Secretariat handles coordination of the Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s services provided to the minister, contact with the press and media, plus a number of management support functions, including strategy and secretarial assistance for board members and the management group etc.


Updated: 26.02.2019