Guidelines and templates

On this page, the different guidelines on building components that come into contact with drinking water are found. The guidelines are an implementation of the requirements for approval of building components that come into contact with drinking water. It is also possible to find different templates, which can be used in order to document the application.

Application guidelines and templates

Before submitting an application it is recommended to read the Application Guidelines and follow the given approach:

 Detailed explanations and background can be found in the general guidelines:

The following overview of testing requirements for different types of building components approved for use with drinking water can be used to clarify what the building component have to be tested for:

The test method M01 applies to certain water treatment devices for use in building installations in connection with the GDV scheme. Read more about the M01 test method here:

The declaration below is agreed to in the application form:

Guidelines for renewal of existing GDV approvals and the application form to this is found here:

The Schedule of materials

The Schedule of materials ensure important information about the building component, and is needed to assess the application. It is recommended to fill in the relevant Schedule of material and use this as documentation for the material, which must be attached to the application form.

The Schedule of materials also contains guidance on among others how to choose the test version for the building component, and the test requirements for the different types of materials.

List of versions of your building component

A list of versions of the building component covered by the application (incl. product names) must be submitted with the application. The template below can be used:

The requirements for the inspection agreement

The requirements for the inspection agreement on annual inspection can be found in the Inspection Guidelines. The inspection agreement must be attached in the application form.

If, at the time of submission of the application, there is no final inspection agreement, the following solemn declaration on signed agreement on annual inspection can be submitted instead:

Updated: 13.08.2018