Civil Aviation

The Danish Transport Authority is the authority for civil aviation in Denmark. This means that the we lay down regulations for the exercise of aviation and supervises their observance.

The object of the Danish Transport Authorities regulation of the aviation area is primarily to make flying safe. Use the menu to the left for more information.


The Duty Officer arrangement will end as of 1. August 2013.

Up until now the Danish Transport Authority’s Duty Officer arrangement has made it possible to contact the Danish Transport Authority outside office hours in case of emergency within the aviation area in connection with emergency needs. This arrangement will end as of 1. August 2013.

The Danish Transport Authority can be contacted on e-mail or in the authority’s opening hours (Monday – Friday 9-15) on +45 7221 8800.

 In cases of acute crises of humanitarian character in connection with earthquakes or similar disasters the Danish Transport Authority has granted a general and standing permission for emergency relief flights with cargo and/or passengers to/from Denmark on the conditions stated in AIC A 04/13.


Tel: +45 7221 8800

Fax: +45 7262 6790

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