Sending digital documents to the Danish Transport Authority

The Danish Transport Authority is using a digital File and Document Handling system with the purpose of making the internal work flow more efficient as well as providing a better service to our customers and external partners.

Consequently all hardcopy documents to the Danish Transport Authority are scanned. However, a lot of the hardcopy documents we receive are generated electronically and subsequently printed and sent by ordinary mail.

Therefore we kindly ask that documents to the Danish Transport Authority if possible be sent as digital documents attached an email as it will result in a shorter processing period.

We kindly request that the digital forms on our website are completed electronically and not in hand as handwriting is difficult to scan in a way that is legible and possible to search.

The Danish Transport Authority can receive e-mails and attached files in the following formats: html, rtf, tiff, pdf,doc, xls and ppt. E-mails and digital documents should be sent to
Sidst opdateret: 27.01.2014