Operations in Danish airspace

Here you will find general guidelines on operating private or commercial flights in Danish territory.

For more specific information use the menu to the left. For information about flights in Danish airspace, please consult AIP Denmark, AIP Greenland and AIP Faeroe Islands.

Insurance requirements
Common European third party liability requirements for aircraft have been stipulated in Regulation (EC) no. 785/2004 which entered into force on 30 April 2005. The regulations are applicable to both national aircraft as well as foreign aircraft operating within the EU. The regulations have been put into force for Greenland and the Faeroe Islands as a Ministerial Order.

The requirements include both insurance in respect of liability for third parties (injury to persons and damage to property outside the aircraft) and insurance in respect of liability for passengers, baggage and cargo. The requirements are applicable both for overflights and landings.

The regulations are not applicable for model aircraft with MTOM of less than 20 kg and foot-launched flying machines (including powered paragliders and hang gliders) and kites.

The requirements regarding minimum insurance sums stated in Special Drawing Rights (SDR's) are as follows:

Third-party liability
Insurance in respect of liability to third parties, per accident for aircraft with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) of:

  • less than 500 kg: 0.75 million SDR's
  • from 500 kg and up to 1 ton: 1.5 million SDR's
  • from 1 and up to 2.7 tons: 3 million SDR's
  • from 2.7 and up to 6 tons: 7 million SDR's
  • from 6 and up to 12 tons: 18 million SDR's
  • from 12 and up to 25 tons: 80 million SDR's
  • from 25 and up to 50 tons: 150 million SDR's
  • from 50 and up to 200 tons: 300 million SDR's
  • from 200 and up to 500 tons: 500 million SDR's
    of 500 tons or more: 700 million SDR's

Insurance in respect of liability for passengers (for flights in Greenland and the Faeroe Islands only applicable in connection with commercial operations):

  • 250,000 SDR's per passenger seat with which the aircraft is approved.

Baggage & cargo
Insurance in respect of liability for baggage and cargo (only applicable for commercial operations):

  • Baggage: 1,000 SDR's per passenger - Cargo: 17 SDR's per kilogram.
Updated: 07.11.2019