Helidecks on offshore installations

The Danish Transport- and Construction Agency carries out audits and approves helidecks on offshore installations in compliance with BL 3-5. According to the regulation all helidecks on offshore installations in Danish territorial waters and/or Danish shelf area, both mobile and stationary, be approved by the Danish Transport- and Construction Agency prior being taken into operation.

Stationary offshore installations

Stationary offshore installations that are permanently fixed to the seabed can be granted an approval that can last up to 5 years, where after the authority will conduct regular inspections as needed. To acquire an approval an initial inspection of the helideck is required prior to first usage.

Mobile offshore installations

Mobile offshore installations can be granted a 1-year permit. In connection with the initial approval of the helideck an inspection must be carried out by the Danish Transport- and Construction Agency. The following years a renewal of the permit can be acquired without conducting an inspection. This provision requires, that there have been no changes to the helideck since the latest inspection conducted by the Danish Transport- and Construction Agency.

In cases where the last inspection by the Danish Transport- and Construction Agency has not been conducted within the last 5 years, a renewal will require an inspection by the agency prior to the issuance of a new permit.


All approvals of helidecks on offshore installations will be billed in accordance with the Danish Transport- and Construction Agency’s regulation for fees and charges in the aviation area.


To apply for an approval of a helideck on an offshore installation, the applicant must fill out the application form Application form for offshore helideck in Danish territorial waters which can be found at the top right of this page. Please fill out the application as completely as possible and attach the relevant documents that are requested on page 4 regarding appendixes. The application form must be signed prior to being submitted. Submission of the application should be made to info@tbst.dk.

For further information of the requirements for an application we refer to BL 3-5 chapter 5.

Special conditions

Applicants is asked to be aware that there are several independent requirements for approval of aviation fuel systems (BL 3-6), radio station (BL 7-22), radio beacon (BL 3-3) and meteorological equipment (BL 7-18).

Updated: 07.11.2019