Center for Construction

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority´s Center for Construction sets the framework for construction and future buildings in Denmark. The work includes ensuring the health and safety of buildings, as well as construction of buildings, fire safety, indoor climate, energy efficiency, climate adaption etc.

Center for Construction deals with the requirements and rules of buildings, which is mainly reflected in the building act and the building regulation. Furthermore, Center for Construction carries out the secretary function for the committee reviewing the building's standard agreement terms. Moreover, Center for Construction is responsible for ensuring that the rules and regulation for market and sale of construction products are complied.

Overall, Center for Construction contributes to efficient and competitive construction in Denmark.

Head of Division: Ms. Birgitte Lundblad and Mr. Christian Vesterager
Deputy Director General: Mr. Martin Barnkob Lindgreen

+45 7221 8800

Updated: 18.09.2017