Danish type approval for vehicles, category O3, O4, M2, M3, N2 and N3, EU-type approved according to Directive 2007/46/EC

In Denmark, the above mentioned categories of vehicles in general have to be national type approved and each vehicle has to pass an inspection at the vehicle inspection.

For complete EU-typeapproved vehicles the individual vehicle inspection can be avoided, if the vehicle type gets a Danish “Anmeldt EU-typegodkendelse”, which is issued on basis of the EU-typeapproval. To obtain this status, a Danish company (with a Danish CVR-nr (VAT-nr)) must be appointed as your local Danish representative. The local representative is needed to notify and register vehicles at the Danish national registration authority, SKAT, in the national vehicle register (www.skat.dk).

The Danish “Anmeldt EU-typegodkendelse” is used to record the actual brake-data for the use of future annual checks at the vehicle inspections.

Denmark is currently working on a new procedure, which will eliminate the need for the “Anmeldt EU-typegodkendelse”. This new procedure will be based on a manufacturer-statement with a description of the braking system according to the ECE R13.11 approval, and which can be used together with the CoC-document for the registration of the vehicles. This solution will facilitate the registration process, and in the same time ensure that the necessary brake-data are sampled.

To apply for an “Anmeldt EU-typegodkendelse”, we recommend the use of a Danish consultant with experience in typeapproval, mainly because the notification form and the guidelines are only available in Danish. Here is a link to a list of qualified and approved consultants.

Updated: 11.07.2016