Environmentally-friendly road transport

The Danish Transport and Construction Agency is responsible for developing new technology that achieves reduced fuel consumption in vehicles. In order to do this the authority carries out different projects. One project that Trafikstyrelsen recently has initiated is a large scale test of particle filters in co-operation with the municipality of Odense. The first objective of the project is to put up a large number of filters so that environmental data can be obtained. The second objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the monitoring technology.

Once a year the authority issues a publication that examines how much petrol different types of vehicles use per kilometre. In April 2000 the authority introduced an energy label that also shows the amount of petrol that various vehicles use per kilometre. By law the energy label must be placed on any car for sale in shops in Denmark. The intention is to develop people’s awareness about environmentally-friendly vehicles.

In 2009 the authority was given funds to start a new centre within the organization. The Centre for Green Transport will focus on a number of initiatives that can help reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector, including energy requirements for taxis, energy labelling of vans and optimisation of aerodynamics for trucks. The new centre will also implement test projects with energy efficient transport solutions on a large scale in collaboration with businesses and municipalities.

Updated: 09.07.2015