Centre for Construction and Housing

The Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s Centre for Construction and Housing defines the framework for a safe, healthy and competitive construction industry in Denmark, and a smoothly-functional housing sector.

Its work includes ensuring the health and safety of buildings, including their construction, fire safety, indoor climate, energy efficiency and climate adaptation etc. The centre concentrates on the requirements and rules for construction, which are primarily laid down by the Building Act and building regulations, and also develops and implements regulative initiatives designed to support and efficient construction industry.

Another of the centre’s duties is the development of a functional and varied housing market, which the private and social rented housing sector is an important part of. Closely linked to the above is the centre’s work to promote modern housing for special groups, such as the young, the old, physically handicapped, the homeless and other groups with special housing needs. The centre also works to generate growth in and the development of areas and towns in all parts of the county, a safe urban environment and modern, high quality housing. It acts as the authority for housing for the elderly, social housing, student and youth accommodation, sheltered housing, private rentals and urban renewal etc. Finally, it handles financing of the social housing sector.

Heads of Division: Birgitte Lundblad, Christian Vesterager, Annette Klint Kofod, Lise Heinesen and Mikael Lynnerup Kristensen
Deputy Director General: Lise Aaen Kobberholm and Kåre Clemmesen
Updated: 09.07.2018