Centre for Market and Public Transport

The Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s Centre for Market and Public Transport undertakes sector monitoring and servicing with regard to promoting cohesive public transport.

Examples include analyses and traffic plans, the administration of bus pools and statistics analyses of public- and other forms of transport. The centre also handles safety-related regulation, approvals and inspection of infrastructure administrators, operators, railway companies and approves operating and traffic rules, rolling stock and infrastructure. It also undertakes duties concerning market access and financial regulation, approval and inspection with regard to the postal service, ports and civil aviation, including capacity and prices in airports, civil aviation agreements, passenger rights, fair competition and accessibility. Finally, the centre is an Environmental Impact Assessment authority for roads, railways and ports. Operation of Bornholm’s Airport also come under the centre.

Heads of Division: Leif Funch, Jan Albrecht, vacant and Christina Dideriksen (Bornholm's Airport)
Executive manager: Lise Aaen Kobberholm
Updated: 11.10.2018