Civil Aviation

The Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s Centre for Civil Aviation undertakes safety-related regulation of safety in relation to civil aviation’s infrastructure, such as civil aviation services and airports, with their related systems.

It also handles all safety-related regulation and inspection concerning airlines, aircraft, manufacturers and service centres. The centre is also responsible for duties concerning the working environment and personal certification for the civil aviation sector. As such, it handles safety-related regulation, approval and inspection of civil aviation schools and training organisations, plus theoretical and practical duties. It also provides financial supervision of airlines and air traffic services. The centre handles regulation and inspection concerning security within civil aviation, and approves environmental and noise conditions.

It handles cases related to maritime security and the Authority’s general coordination role within the transport sector’s emergency service provision is embedded in the centre. Finally, the centre undertakes the role of market monitoring, inspection and complaints within the railway sector under the auspices of its secretariat function for the Railways Board.

Heads of Division:
Henrik Ellermann, Michael Dela, Per Schmock and Marianne Clod Zauner
Executive manager: Kåre Clemmesen
Updated: 01.08.2019