Passenger rights

EU Regulation 261/2004 establishes that airline passengers have specific rights in case of denied boarding, cancellation and long delays.

If your claim for compensation has been denied by the airline, and you are not satisfied with the answer, you can forward a complaint here.

What flights are covered by the Regulation?

In order for a flight to be covered by the Regulation, it either has to be a flight departing from an EU airport or a flight departing a non-EU airport, with an EU airport as the destination, if the carrier is an EU carrier.

A flight from Denmark to Turkey, for example, with any airline, is covered by the Regulation. A flight from Turkey to Copenhagen with an EU airline will also be covered by the Regulation. However, a flight from Turkey to Copenhagen, on a Turkish airline, is not covered.

The Regulation applies, regardless whether the flight in question is a charter flight, a standard route or part of a package tour.

When do my rights apply?

If a flight is covered by the Regulation, you, as a passenger, have rights in the following instances:

Denied boarding: Passengers are denied boarding on a flight where the passenger has a confirmed reservation and is present at check-in and boarding, at the required time. Any and all travel documents must be presented to the air carrier upon request. 

Cancellation: A planned flight, which is not carried out and the delay in arrival is three hours or more.

Delay: Delay in arrival/departure of 2-4 hours depending on the length of the flight.

The rights you have in the three instances described above, are more thoroughly covered in the Regulation, and are briefly described in the section “Passenger Rights”.

Which complaints can the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority handle?

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority handle complaints concerning flights that depart Danish airports, and flights that depart a non-EU country with a direct flight to a Danish airport, where the operator is an EU carrier.

Complaints that have to be handled by other enforcement bodies
The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority does not handle complaints concerning the following instances:

  • Flights departing other EU countries
  • Flights departing a non EU country with another EU country, as the destination.

Instances where the Regulation does not apply

  • Flights departing a non EU country towards an EU country with a non EU carrier
  • Baggage delay, damage to baggage and/or passenger injuries or death.
  • Liabilities stemming from the contract between passenger and airline, including consequential damages (for instance loss of earnings).
  • Refund request related to accommodation (such as prepaid hotel) and other tourist related services.

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority cannot handle complaints concerning these instances.

Complaints concerning baggage may be directed to Consumer Centre Europe.

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Updated: 10.08.2018