Please note: In connection with the increased attention to data safety within the EU, the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority has evaluated that the users should be informed that the EU portal for reporting data on flight safety occurrences does not observe best practice regarding encrypting communication between user and server. This means that this communication is not completely secure against persons with access to the networks, through which the traffic passes, being able to intercept data and thus compromising confidentiality.

The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority has drawn the attention of the EU Commission to this problem. The Commission has informed the Authority that the data traffic on the reporting portal will be continuously monitored. Since January 2017 the Authority has received reports via the EU portal and has no knowledge of confidentiality being compromised.

On a national level the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority has, for the time being, established an alternative possibility to report via the portal. It is described in detail further down on this page.

If you prefer to use the EU portal, please use the following link:

Temporary alternative: Direct upload of a pdf-form to the Danish Authority

Step 1: Download a pdf-form

Step 2: Fill in the form and save it on your own computer

Step 3: Upload the pdf-form from your computer

Please note: A pdf-form is "offline", which means you must download the pdf-form, fill out and upload.
We recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free download at

All data will be forwarded to the Danish CAA.

Report of an Accident

To report an accident or a serious incident, please follow this hyperlink to access the website of the Danish Accident Investigation Board (AIB)

Updated: 07.11.2019